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approximately 3 hours to see the principal highlights of New and Old Fortaleza, as the beachfront "Beira Mar" with its beaches Iracema and Mucuripe, the fish market, the central market and much more ...

Prices starting from 40,00 BRL

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approximately 35 km/22 mi away from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, it's the Kite-Surfer's paradise, one of the best spots worldwide.  But it's also a pleasure to stay on the beach, enjoying the sun, the sea, doing a buggy-trip, or a trip by boat (Jangada), ride a horse and then having a late lunch in front of the beach to enjoy the sundown. 

Prices starting from 35,00 BRL

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Canoa Quebrada 

approximately 165 km/104 mi away from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Ceará. The name could be translated with "broken ship", this is exactly what happened in 1650 when Captain Francisco Soares da Cunha discovered by chance this paradisiac place to fix his ship. The place got really famous in the 60 - 70 among the so-called hippies, it has a beautiful landscape shaped in red sandstone and it's a perfect spot to do sandboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Prices starting from 55,00 BRL

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Praia das Fontes 

approximately 90 km/56 mi away from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza and also one of the most beautiful beaches around here. It's perfect to spend the whole day enjoying the landscape, the crystal water of the sea, doing a buggy trip (optional), just relaxing and having a perfect holiday. Praia das Fontes is part of the package "3 beaches in one day" which includes Canoa Quebrada, Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes.

Prices starting from 65,00 BRL

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approximately 320 km/200 mi away from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza and for sure the highlight in the Northeast. As for the last part of the way you will have to pass through the sand dunes with no road at all, please take into account that you will be travelling for approximately 6 hours. We'll recommend to stay at least for one night in Jericoacoara and then return to Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza to enjoy our Hostel, the city and the other beaches close by. We also offer packages go & return & overnight stay at our reception. Please contact our staff at 

Prices starting from 100,00 BRL single way
sometimes there are special cheaper offers 😉 

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Tandem flight paraglider

approximately 30 km/19 mi away from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza at Pacatuba and a real adventure for those who like to have a thrill. The instructors have experience of 20 years and did over 4.000 tandem flights. We arrange everything for you or just click on 

Prices starting from 120,00 BRL

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Schooner trip in front of the city of Fortaleza

approximately 2 hours having fun on a boat. The start point is 15 minutes away by cab from Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza at the famous Beira Mar Avenue. You can enjoy the spectacular view from the sea to the skyline of Fortaleza, having a bath close to the old harbor and experience the sundown on the schooner returning to the beach.  

Prices starting from 40,00 BRL
sometimes there are special cheaper offers on groupon and others 😉