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About us


We want to remain one of the Top 10 Hostels in Brazil

As objective we want to manage a Hostel and a Pousada (Inn), which philosophy consists in putting the guest and his wishes at the core of our activity.
From the very beginning we were looking for becoming the best Hostel in Fortaleza, now the target is to maintain this position together with our second house - the Pousada - offering excellent services in an environment oriented to European standard.

In a cozy atmosphere that our guests feel at home, we provide with dedication a wide range of services in order that the Hostel is not just a place to spend the night.

The names Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza and Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza ensure quality. With our products and services we want to offer the best long-term relation between cost/benefit and achieve the highest guest satisfaction. In 2014 we defined our goal as following: "Within five years we want to be among the 10 best *) Hostels of Brazil." It seems that we achieved that goal but our promise is that we try harder, every day. 

*) according to the surveys of Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Hostelworld and others



Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza is an international institution that is creating an added value for guests, employees and business associates

Our guests represent the main motivation of our work.

Our employees identify themselves as part of our team with a clear objective: To provide a unique stay experience for our guests.

Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza and Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza are a inspiring places for guests, employees and partners, with well-defined values, which are reflected in the general concept, building, equipment and the respectful interaction among each other.

We are the cutting edge in the development of ideas and concepts to be able offering individualized services for our guests.

We are respecting the ecologic environment in the best way possible, for example we generate the major part of our energy by ourselves through our solar panels on the rooftop of our Hostel.

Mission statement

Our guests can trust us

Each one of our services and products represents our desire to ensure the best experience for our guests. We make any endeavor to ensure that our guests and employees perceive us as fair and square partners.


Our team is the foundation of our success

Our team are people that makes the difference. Our House represents an open dialogue among people of different cultures. Mutual respect, ethics and honesty are of crucial importance. Our employees and partners are representing and personalizing our values. We are supporting our employees for their professional development, offering a great work environment and further training.


We are pioneering innovators in our sector

We put quality and innovation very high on the agenda. They represent the keys to our success and distinguish us from the competition. We are offering services that please our guests to make them feel at home or even better. We are always willing to learn and change.


We enhance the value of our house and of our brand

Our entrepreneurial behavior is oriented towards profitable growth, in a sustainable increases in value and long-term planning, so that our guests can always come back after several years to find first-class services and accommodation.

By undertaking permanent benchmarking and consistently orienting ourselves towards the very best, we constantly improve our positions in the competitive field, and give ourselves the freedom of action to shape our future.

We reach results respecting persons and the environment.


We bear responsibility for environment and the society

We acknowledge our social responsibility. Our actions are in accordance with the law and with the principles of the human rights, labor relations and environmental protection. We live a responsible and conservation-minded treatment of resources. Our dealings with employees, business partners, associates and guests are guided by honesty and integrity.


We are authentic and passionate about what we do and tend to be better today than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

In case you are not completely satisfied with any of our services, please be so kind to speak to us. Only with you and your honest feedback we can get better.

… each day a bit more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions