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Free Walking Tour Fortaleza

Discover the city by walking with our friends of Free-Walking Tour Fortaleza joining the tour of the Historic Centre, a trip of approximately 3 hours. There is also the Street Art Tour available, that leads you through the district of Varjota. You will be presented to one of the gastronomic centres of the city cidade and the walls of art of that region. 
At the end of the tour the participants are encouraged to make a contribution for the service provided, according to what they find reasonable and fair.


Discover the coastline of the state of Ceará that receives every year many tourists from all over the world, interested in exploring its paradisiac beaches, some of them got international fame, like Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada. The costline is impressive, with almost 600 km/375 mi of beaches.

Do you want to get acquainted to the beauties of the state of Ceará? Here at the reception of  Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza we schedule YOUR daytrip for you to experience unforgettable moments.


Approximately 35 km/22 mi from Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, it’s the Kite-Surfer’s paradise, one of the best kite-spots all over the world. But it’s also a pleasure just hanging out on the beach, enjoying the sun, the sea, doing a Buggy-Trip, a boat-trip on a so-called “Jangada”, riding a horse on the beach and then having a late lunch at the seashore to experience a beautiful sundown. 

Prices starting from R$ 50,00

Canoa Quebrada

Approximately 165 km/105 mi from Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza it is in fact one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Ceará. The name Canoa Quebrada could be translated with “broken ship”, this is exactly what happened in 1650 when Captain Francisco Soares da Cunha discovered by chance this paradisiac place to fix his ship. The place got really famous in the 60 – 70 among the so-called hippies, it has a beautiful landscape with cliffs shaped in red sandstone and it’s a perfect spot to do sandboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Prices starting from R$ 85,00

Morro Branco/Praia das Fontes

Approximately 90km/55 mi away from Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, and also some of the most beautiful beaches around here. It’s perfect to spend the whole day enjoying the landscape, the crystal water of the sea, doing a buggy trip (optional), just relaxing and having a perfect holiday. At the return to Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza there will be a stop by at a sugar cane mill. 
Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco are part of the combo “3 beache in one day” including Canoa Quebrada.  

Prices starting from R$ 80,00


Approximately 115 km/72 mi away from Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, it’s a matter of a authentic postcard theme, its landscape is composed of a large strip of fine and dark sand, sweetwater lagoons, palm trees, green sea and dunes. 
The most beautiful and photographic spot is on the “right” side of the beach presenting a mixture of tons of golden dunes, full of palm trees with a greenish sea in the shape o a halfmoon.

Prices starting from R$ 80,00


Approximately 320 km/200 mi away from Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza, it is without any doubt the main attraction in the Northeast of Brazil. 
In 1994 it was nominated as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world by the “Washington Post”.
We strongly recommend to stay at least overnight and then return to Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza only the very next day and then continuing to enjoy our Hostel, our Pousada (Inn) just in front, the city of Fortaleza and other paradisiac beaches close by. 
We also offer the roundtrip (back and forth). Please get in touch with our staff via WhatsApp or E-mail [email protected] 

Prices starting from R$ 140,00 (one way)

The so-called Pedra Furada in Jericoacoara At Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza & Pousada we schedule your Daytrip or Transfer
Passeio de escuna na orla de Fortaleza

Approximately 2 horas of fun on the ship of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow 🏴‍☠️. The starting point is only 10 minutes away by car of Pousada Refúgio Hostel Fortaleza close to the yacht club of the city. You can experience a spectacular seaview on the silhouette of Fortaleza, take a bath close to the ancient habour and enjoy the sundown on the schooner returning to the starting point on the beach.

Starting from R$ 40,00